MOVING FROM THE CORE - with Kari Zabel 09.02.2020 10:00 - 12:30


This dynamic 2.5 workshop hour we will focus on the"the core" (abdominal muscles) in a Jivamukti-style class.

By learning and applying principles of core strength and stability to a yoga practice, common injuries( like lower back injuries) can be avoided. Activating your core will help make your yoga practice more strong, fluid and keep your back healthy and happy. Your transitions between postures will be more fluid and your inversions (like handstand, headstand and underarmstand) stronger. Training your core muscles is not about getting 6 pack abs, but rather about creating endurance and stability throughout the whole body. This workshop is primarily asana, with the usual components of a Jivamukti yoga class.

I'm a senior Jivamukti teacher, mentor and health coach. After working over a decade as a yoga teacher, I wanted to up my game and have more impact on my students. Sure, I had a strong yoga practice and some healthy habits, but I knew I could feel better than I felt. I could sleep better, nourish myself more consciously and sit in silence more. I am close to my students and knew they felt the same. I wanted to wake up feeling psyched to start my day. So did my students.

Ayurveda entered my life. . What did the old yogis have to say about how daily routines affect longevity and thrive? A LOT. I loved how this ancient science had so much relevance today. But my logical brain wanted to know how. I found the field of habit change science was sparky and thriving.. and a perfect compliment for how my western rational brain wanted to apply these ancient teachings. So I merged the 2 into my main coaching course Align to Thrive.

I still teach public and private yoga classes in Munich, and retreats and workshops mainly around Europe. My workshops and retreats are themed around practical Ayurvedic and yoga philosophy. For those who want to go deeper than yoga classes can provide, join me for an (online or in person) coaching course. 

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Wann: Start 09. Februar 2020  10:00 -12:30
Wo: YOGA RAUM Kufstein

Kosten: 35 EURO